Unlocking Orphan Films

Unlocking Orphan Films aims at engaging communities of film lovers in the task of performing diligent searches on untapped film archive material owned by the BFI and other regional film archives, so that such material can be lawfully digitized and made available to the public. Visit the EnDOW Community Project www.diligentsearch.eu, learn how to do a diligent search and contribute to make orphan films available to all film lovers and creators.

Produced by Worth Knowing, with the support of:
CIPPM – Bournemouth University
Arts and Humanities Research Council
The British Film Institute

Watch more on BFI Player: http://player.bfi.org.uk/


Directed by Bartolomeo Meletti
Written by Mark Cousins and Bartolomeo Meletti
Art Direction / Design / Animation by Marco Bagni
Narrated by Mark Cousins
Music / Sound Design by Alexandros Finizio

EnDOW Community Project Team
Maurizio Borghi – CIPPM, Bournemouth University
Marcella Favale – CIPPM, Bournemouth University
Claudy Op den Kamp – CIPPM, Bournemouth University
Annabelle Shaw – The British Film Institute