Mosaico Stellare is an Art & Science project inspired by the Cassini Mission and a few verses from Robert Frost’s poem A-Wishing Well, which reads:

As a confirmed astronomer
I’m always for a better sky.
(I don’t care how the world gets by.)
I’m tempted to let go restraints,
Like splashing phosphorescent paint,
And fill the sky as full of moons
As circus day of toy balloons.

The spectacular raw images captured by the Cassini spacecraft during its nearly 20-year long journey to Saturn together with Robert Frost’s poem reminded us how fundamental elements of our lives are not as absolute as one may perceive them. Most human beings have a clear and similar idea of what everyday words such as SKY, WORLD, JOURNEY AND MOON mean.
From the point of view of the Cassini spacecraft, these terms assume a rather different meaning.

Mosaico Stellare – produced in collaboration with astrophysics expert Dr Antonio Garufi – offers a springboard for exploring the relative nature of these fundamental concepts, while learning about the Cassini Mission and its amazing discoveries.

Check the current beta version live:



In-browser interactive animations rendered in real-time!
Developed in javascript, Three.js, css and jQuery.

Concept & production: Bartolomeo Meletti
Content: Dr. Antonio Garufi
Programming & animations: Marco Bagni
Original sounds: Emilio Pozzolini

Here some images that you can possibly meet during your interactive journey…



Short animation showing the concept and the user experience.